Full Training


Full Training

Includes three lessons per week and two trainer rides.

However, if you are away unable to make it to your lesson, your horse will receive a trainer ride. Often we find if a horse requires additional schooling or we are working on a difficult exercise it is beneficial to have either a trainer ride before the lesson or demonstrate the exercise.

Full grooming service; your horse is tacked and untacked before and after lesson then groomed prior to returning to it’s stall.

On Mondays our horses are either turned out or hand walked to enjoy a day off.

All tack is cleaned on a daily basis.

After each use the saddle pads and polos are washed by a laundry service.

We regularly clip faces and legs and also pull manes to keep our horses looking great.

We provide lunches, supplements & medications on a daily basis.

We organize vet appointments (vaccinations, etc.) and farrier visits.

Our training also includes use of our office and tack room to keep your tack clean and safe.